We build things. We write code.
Domain knowledge

Monitoring customer cohorts, validating business assumptions, sending the right reports to the accountants, taking payments internationally, shipping worldwide, paying the right taxes in the EU (Hello VIES, VAT and MOSS), we have done it all before.

Pixels and Tweets

Being techies & having worked in London for several years, we can rely on our network of London's best freelancers to help us out when it comes to design, photography and video production.

Tech expertise

We are engineers and spent a lot of time looking at books. We also have years of experience building software for small businesses here in London. Our vocabulary includes AWS, CDN, SEO, Tail-recursion, REST, CAP, sharding and much more, but we won't bug you with too much of it if you don't want to.

If you need someone to build your MVP, or are struggling with your current tech, give us a shout and we will get right back to you.

Any queries, just email: info@kilobyters.com